This is a place where you can watch other peoples stories and find out first hand how they coped when someone they love has died.  

You can also contribute if you feel up to it. See below for how to create your own vlog.

We welcome you to watch our first of a series of videos from our Youth Day held on 4th March. Keep an eye on the vlog pod each week for future uploads and to meet some amazing and brave young people. Enjoy!

Listen to Patrick, a familiar and veteran of Cruse/Hope Again speak about some of the issues and a bit of his journey at our Youth Day in Belfast. Enjoy!
Sophie talks about how meeting other people who have lost someone make you feel you weren't the only one and having people around you to support you helps you feel your not alone. Enjoy!
Listen to Murphy talk about how his friends helped him with his own personal bereavement. Enjoy!

Listen to Victoria talk about losing her dad to suicide when she was only 14 years old.



Send us your video

If you would like to send us your own video story, follow the instructions below:

1. Record yourself for less than 2 minutes as you would a selfie or get your friend to hold the phone.

2. Talk while looking straight into the lens OR talk to someone else looking past the lens.

3. Make sure the light is falling on you - from a window or a ceiling light, outside is good if it's not too windy.

4. The phone should be no more 1m/3ft away from you.

5. Try to find a quiet place to record your film.


When you are happy with your recording (you can always do another one!) then we want you to send it to Hope Again.

Here's how:


1. Download the WeTransfer app to your phone.

2. Open the app and swipe upwards.

3. Allow the app to access your photos.

4. Select the version of your film that you want to send - you can send more than one.

5. Click next and enter hopeagain@cruse.org.uk in the to : line.

6. Make sure your own email address is in the from : line.

7. Tell us anything we need to know in the message section.

8. Click transfer and WeTransfer will take care of the rest but make sure the film uploads 100%.


Need help?